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About Us

Siboma Transit was formed and registered in 1992 with the aim of supplying manufacturing enterprises in St Petersburg with civilian products from the Omsk Machine-Building Works that had previous worked exclusively for the military. The high quality automotive gear pumps produced by that factory enabled us to gain the confidence of buyers in the hydraulics market. Today we supply, service under guarantee and overhaul axial-piston pumps and motors made in this country and abroad. Our company specializes in hydraulic equipment for road-building, logging and municipal services machinery.

Siboma Transit concluded dealership agreements
• in 1993 with the Omsk Machine-Building Works
• in 1998 with Pnevmostroimashina of Yekaterinburg
• in 2005 with Omskgidroprivod
• in 2007 with Nigbo Wide Sky SKS Hydraulic Co.

In 2005 Siboma Transit acquired the status of certified service centre for Pnevmostroimashina.
Since 2007 the firm has been actively developing its capacity to repair imported hydraulic pumps and motors and has created a warehouse of parts for hydraulic machinery from various producers.

The quality of our suppliers’ products is confirmed by approval certificates from international quality-control organizations. In the event of complaints during the warranty period we carry out diagnosis of the hydraulic system, check that the conditions of use have been observed and determine the cause of the failure.

With the agreement of the user and the manufacturer we put equipment back in working order as quickly as possible for the length of the warranty period. Qualified personnel and our own repair facility in St Petersburg enable us to guarantee the quality of our services.

Siboma Transit today is a stable business with its own place in the market, ensured by a flexible organizational approach and a competitive pricing policy that allows us to meet the demands associated with operating hydraulic machinery.